(c) Ingo Kutsche

The Olympic Games 2020 will bring a major innovation for the triathlon. Then, triathlon will no longer be just an individual sport, in which each athlete fights for the most part for himself and his own result. In 2020 triathlon will be a team race for the first time in the Olympic Games. „Mixed Team Relay“ is the name of the fast-paced, exciting format that athletes and their teams will be able to try out at next year’s EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon.

Two men and two women form a team in the Olympic Triathlon Mixed Team Relay. Everyone completes a full triathlon and then hands over to his teammate. Extremely short distances ensure high speed, different team strategies, excitement. Even for spectators triathlon becomes a fast-paced spectacle and sometimes a nervous ordeal.

VW bus is looking for a new owner: Big winner prize at the Osenstätter Mixed Team Relay Championship

The format of the Mixed Team Relay also inspires the organizers of the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon. They therefore decided to integrate this new format into the triathlon weekend on Saturday, June 29, 2019.

The Osenstätter Mixed Team Relay is aimed at companies, clubs, groups, friend teams or families who want to get a taste of the exciting Olympic format with at least one woman in a team of three. Each of the three team members gives everything on the 200 swimming meters, 6.5 kilometres by bike and 1.9 kilometres of running. The a big winner prize will be a VW bully.

„Everyone can race these short distances. This is how three individual races become an great team experience. The absolute highlight is, that the winning team will drive home together in their new VW bully, „says race director Tom Mayerhofer.

Registration for the Osenstätter Mixed Team Relay Championship is possible from 1 January 2019. Registration for everyone, short- and middle-distance races of the 5th EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon is already open.