(c) Ingo Kutsche

While athletes flying over the course, rushing through the transition zone and haveing tears of joy in their eyes at the finish line, they are close at hand: the presenters of the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon. They are the ones transporting emotions to the audience, entertaining and providing information. A very special job, the organizers of the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon are searching a young talent this year for.

German Radio presenter Bernd-Uwe Gutknecht and triathlon world champion Daniel Unger will be the celebrity presenters in 2019, accompanying the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon on the microphone. Well-known presenters have a long traditionand at the Chiemsee, offering Pros and Age-Group athletes a perfect setting. TV presenters Hartwig Thöne and Annika Zimmermann, radio presenter Marion Schieder, triathlon presenter Till Schenk – big names. And you’ll get the chance to learn from the best, as a junior presenter at the Eberl Chiemsee Triathlon.

Apply for presenting at the Bike-Hotspot
The town passage Chieming is the hotspot. Hundreds of spectators gather here, cheering the athletes onto the bike course, into the next loop, or towards the transition zone. Right here you can prove your presenter-qualities. From the balcony of the Eiseria you’ll have the overview and you’ll keep the audience up to date.

“Sounds so simple, but infact it is not,” laughs Sport1 presenter Hartwig Thöne. “In order not to lose track, your triathlon-knowledge needs to be good and you need to be prepared. Checking timing-lists and talking at the same time requires a maximum of concentration. Then, the job is not just an hour, but a whole day long,” he explains. However, he smiles: “But when the audience cheer and get excited, that’s just fantastic and will leave you with goose bumps!”

If you are familiar with triathlon, have time on the 29th and 30th of June and if you are eloquent, please contact us at info@wechselelszene.com. Write us your experience with triathlo and why you should become our junior presenter.

Fotos: Ingo Kutsche