for applications filed by June 12th 2020

• 65 Euro

Applications will be accepted after receipt of the complete entry fee.
The fee for the timing-chip is 4 Euro.
Late registration fee (if the application limit isn’t reached yet) is 20 Euro.

Registrations changes of any kind to existing registrations will be charged with 7,50 Euro.

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Withdrawal is only possible if a cancellation insurance / finisher protection has been procured at application (see General Terms and Conditions Act).

If an athlete decides to withdraw from racing after he has picked up his race numbers and timing chip, timing chip needs to be handed to a race marshal, the organizer or the timing service without special request. If non-fulfillment causes a search for the athlete at the water or ashore, the person responsible has to bear the costs.

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Plansport e.V.

Sven Hindl

Sunday, June 28th 2020

Chieming at the Chiemsee, Germany


  • 40km time trial


  • men and women born 2005 and older.
  • Both, athletes who are non-club members and athletes who are members of a club can participate.

Friday, June 12th 2020 (or sooner, when the race is fully booked)

– 99 athletes

To guarantee a smooth course of events – not only for participants but also for residents and traffic – under guidelines of public authorities, we have to set an adequate time limit for participans. If a competitor exceeds the time limit, he must not continue the race. Also, those competitors who need more than the total time limit, won’t be ranked.

The minimum speed over the 40 km time trial is 27 km/h. The latest finishing time is 13:10 p.m.


    • main class men/women 2001 – 1991
    • Masters I 1990 – 1981
    • Masters II 1980 – 1971
    • Masters III 1970 – 1961
    • Masters IV 1960 – 1951
    • Masters V 1950 and older

If  less than 6 drivers started in a category, category members will move up to the next age category and will be ranked there.


  • Saturday, 27. June 2020 ; 13.00 – 18.30     Race credential pick-up    School Gym Chieming
  • Saturday, 27. June 2020 ; 19.00 – 21.00     Pasta Party     Event tent Chiemseering
  • Sunday, 28. June 2020 ; 11.00                     Start of the first athlete    further starts will be 30 seconds apart
  • Sunday, 28. June 2020 ; 15.00                    Awards ceremony      Event tent Chiemseering

The starting schedule will be announced online in advance and on a notice board at the race credential pick-up. Participants must be at the start ramp in Chieminger Hauptstraße at least five minutes before their individual start. Race officials will call up the athletes according the starting list. If you miss your start, you will automatically be moved to the last start position and issued with a time penalty of two minutes.

You can find the GPS-data at:

The start schedule will be announced online in advance of the race and on site at the registration.
Participants must be at the start ramp in Chieminger Hauptstraße at least five minutes before their individual start. Volunteers will call you up. If you do not appear in time for the start and do not keep your start time, you will automatically be moved to the last start position and can be punished with a time penalty of two minutes.

The course is closed to traffic during the race. The Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) still apply.

Drafting is not permitted and will be punished with a time penalty or, if repeated, with disqualification. The minimum distance to the vehicle in front must be at least 2 meters after overtaking. After one kilometer, the distance between the two drivers must be 25 meters!

Helmets are compulsory

A cycling-specific helmet with a closed chin strap has to be worn. Its structure must comply with the regulations of a recognized testing institute and meet the following conditions for a visual inspection:

  • correct fit on the head
  • no damages
  • undamaged, non-stretchable straps that are connected to the shell in at least three places and that must be closable by means of a security system (not Velcro or similar).

For safety reasons, it is recommended to wear the helmet closed before and after the competition while cycling on the day of the event.

Race gear

All (racing) bikes with / without aero bar or time trial bikes and triathlon bikes are permitted (UCI regulation not relevant). The participant is responsible for the perfect technical condition. Clothing is not regulated.

Warming up:

Warming up on the entire racetrack is prohibited from 8:15 a.m. for safety reasons and leads to disqualification!
The start schedule will be announced online in advance of the race and on site at the registration. Participants must be at the start ramp in Chieminger Hauptstraße at least five minutes before the start. Volunteers will call you up. If you do not appear in time for the start and do not keep your start time, you will automatically be moved to the last start position and can be punished with a time penalty of two minutes.

During the race

Only the right lane is to be used (possible oncoming traffic by police, motorcycle marshals, fire brigade and ambulance!) In order to ensure safe and fair overtaking, please keep to the right.
Cutting curves is strictly prohibited and leads to disqualification!
Drafting behind or at the side of another participant is prohibited and will lead to disqualification without exception! The drafting zone is 12m long, measured from the front edge of the front wheel of the person in front to the front edge of the front wheel of the next participant. A participant catching up from behind must pass the drafting zone of the person driving in front of him as quickly as possible. The overtaking process must be completed after 25 seconds.
A competitor is considered to be overtaken if the front wheel of the overtaking driver is in front of that of the overtaking driver. The overtaken athlete must be recognizable and continuously leave the drafting zone of the overtaking. Countering by overtaking is considered drafting and will be punished accordingly.

Athletes must not create dangerous situations by blocking other athletes. Blocking is defined if an athlete is cycling in the middle of the bike course without reason and prevents subsequent athletes from overtaking. Blocking is punished with a time penalty.

Participants are not permitted to draft behind vehicles.
The drafting zone of two-lane motorized vehicles is 35m long, that of motorbikes is 15m long, measured directly behind the vehicle.

Environmental protection

Bike bottles, cups and other garbage may only be disposed of in the aid areas within the Littering Zones. Failure to do so could result in disqualification and a notification of pollution.

We will provide detailed information about DAS RENNEN in good time before the event in the Race Guide.

at the gym at the local school at Chieming (no access during the competition by car possible)
Primary and middle school Chieming – Josef-Heigenmooser-Straße 45 – 83339 Chieming

near the event tent

• Organization of the race
• Authorization fees (public authorities)
• Insurance
• Dues to fire fighters, THW, Wasserwacht, race medicals and BRK
• Dues to public services
• Dues to assisting clubs and volunteers
• Road closure systems
• Race nutrition and finish line buffet
• Individual timing
• Course markings
• Race documents (wristband, number, bike sticker, starting information)
• Massage
• Finisher gift – our legendary Puma hoody
• Trophies
• Carbo-party
• Music and entertainment offers

To ensure that you get a fitting DAS RENNEN-Hoody, we ask you to pay attention to the size chart when registering. ATTENTION: THE HOODYS IS QUITE BIG!
Changing sizes on during the pick-up is not possible!

  • Certificate and list of results for every participant who finishes (download at
  • non-cash prizes for 1st to 3rd place every age group (female and male)

Conditions of Participation for Wechselszene Sven Hindl GmbH Events

§ 1 Scope / General Regulations
The following conditions of participation regulate the legal relationship between the participant and the organizer. By registering, the participant accepts the competition regulations as well as the sports regulations of the organizer and the sports regulations of the federation in their respective valid version.
Their adherence and recognition is a prerequisite for participation in the event.

§ 2 Competition Rules
The event is based on the competition requirements of the BDR as well as the legal and procedural regulations and the disciplinary regulations. By registering, the participant accepts the competition requirements and the conditions of the organizer as binding according to the invitation to tender.

§ 3 Obligations of the participant
The instructions and specifications of the organizer and the instructions of the auxiliary staff must be obeyed. In the case of infringements which may disturb the proper conduct of the event or jeopardize the safety of the participants, the organizer is entitled to exclude the participant concerned at any time.
Participation is at your own risk. The participant declares bindingly that there are no health concerns against his participation. The participant declares that he is physically fit, sufficiently trained for this competition and that the suitability of participation has been certified by a doctor. The participant must ensure proper equipment. While cycling, wear a helmet that complies with regulations. The participant is aware that participation in the event is dangerous and that the risk of serious danger is not excluded.
The participant hereby agrees to receive medical treatment during the competition at his own expense, should this be advisable in the event of injury in the event of an accident and/or illness during the course of the race. Furthermore, the participant agrees that he/she can be taken out of the race at any time by emergency services if signs of concern to health are discernible. If medical treatment of the participant is required during the event, the participant agrees to this in advance. It is expressly stated that medical services are not included in the entry fee and will be charged directly to the participant according to the usual medical rates. It is the participant’s responsibility to have sufficient insurance cover for medical treatment. A liability of the organizer for this is excluded.

§ 4 Registration
The registration takes place exclusively via an online registration portal on the Internet. Eligibility will only be granted if the organization fee has been fully credited to the organizer’s account and the organizer has confirmed the registration. The organizer reserves the right to start the participant.
The payment of the organization fee is made by direct debit or credit card payment. The costs are borne by the participant. Incorrect information and resulting administration fees shall be borne by the participant.
After the online registration process, the participant will receive his confirmation e-mail. The registration confirmation must be brought to pick up the starting documents at the race credential pick-up.
Participation is a personal right and not transferable. The start number may not be transferred to a third party. In case of violation disqualification occurs. The starting documents must be picked up personally by the participant. If a registered participant does not arrive after picking up the starting documents and does not contact the organizer, competition judge or timekeeping company, the result is a search operation by security or rescue forces on land and water. The registered participant bears the costs of the search operation to the full extent, A deregistration to the registered event in the time of the announcement until the collection of the starting documents is only possible with a completed cancellation insurance (at the timekeeping company).

§ 5 race credentials
A handover of the race credentials is only on presentation of the online registration confirmation. If a participant is prevented from picking up his starting documents personally, he must ensure that the race credentials are collected by a person expressly authorized by him in writing. It is not possible to send the race credentials.
At the registration, a licence of a national triathlon federation is to be presented from participants of the Olympic distance as well as participants of the Half Distance or to purchase a day license. This is not necessary at the Sprint Distance or Team Relay.
The start number may not be transferred to a third party. In case of violation disqualification occurs. A disqualification also occurs if the official start number changed in any way, in particular the advertising print is made invisible or unrecognizable.

§ 6 Failure / change of the event
The organizer may change the event, start or cancel it after a delay, if in his opinion the conditions on race day are uncertain. If changes to the event have to be made due to official orders, force majeure or for security reasons or if the event has to be canceled, the participant is not entitled to a refund of the entry fee.
There is also no right to compensation for other damages, such. B. Travel and accommodation costs.

§ 7 Disclaimer
Participation is at your own risk.
The liability of the organizer and / or its vicarious agents is limited to intent and gross negligence, even to third parties. Excluded from the limitation of liability are personal injury (damage to life, body or health of a person). The limitation of liability extends to the liability of employees, representatives, vicarious agents and third parties, of which the organizer uses in connection with the execution of the event or with whom he is contractually bound for this purpose.
The organizer assumes, as already stated under § 4, no liability for health risks of the participant in connection with participation in the event.
The participant is solely responsible for his personal valuables and the competition equipment (also bicycle and neoprene etc.). The organizer assumes no liability for lost clothing and equipment of the participant. These should, therefore, be adequately insured. The organizer expressly assumes no liability for himself or third parties commissioned by him for the participants free of charge kept objects. The liability of the organizer for gross selection negligence remains unaffected.
The participant is aware that on the competition track to vehicle and pedestrian traffic can come and he carries the resulting risks. It is the duty of the participant to become familiar with the competition tracks and the transition zones. By participating, the participant accepts the routes/transition zones as they are. The participant is aware that the following hazards exist: falls, danger of collision with vehicles, pedestrians, other participants and stationary objects; Dangers that result from dangerous surfaces, material failure and inadequate safety equipment as well as hazards caused by spectators, volunteers or even the weather. The participant is advised that the list above is not exhaustive.
Participants are aware of the dangers of using alcohol, medication and drugs before, during and after the event, which may impair their ability to judge their athletic ability. The participant is solely responsible for any consequences resulting from the intake of alcohol, drugs and medications.

§ 8 doping
By registering, the participant explicitly acknowledges that the NADA’s doping regulations and the information on the doping program are valid. The blood limits of the National Association of the DTU are also valid. If the blood limit values are exceeded or in case of a violation of the doping regulations, the organizer is entitled to pronounce a start ban against the participant or to disqualify him. For these cases, a claim to the entry fee, prize money or other claims and subsequent claims is excluded.

§ 9 Awards
Each participant of the Wechselzene Events receives a certificate and lists of results for download via the website –
The first to third-placed age category winners receive prizes.

§ 10 Data collection and use
By registering, the participant transfers the right to the organizer and grants him the permission, the name and the name of the company, the company commissioned by the organizer in connection with the participation in the event or the photos, film recordings and reproductions made by the media, as well as interviews Participants without entitlement to remuneration to distribute and publish without restriction. Image and sound rights of the event are exclusively held by the organizer.
The participant agrees that the personal data given at the time of registration will be stored and processed for the implementation and processing of the event, including medical supervision. This also applies to the data necessary for payment processing. By registering the participant agrees to the storage of data for this purpose.

The organizer, the Wechselszene Sven Hindl GmbH and neighbouring communities are not liable for accidents, thefts or other damages. The participant assures that he makes no legal claims and demands on the organizer, the host, the affected communities and the Free State of Bavaria. In case of force majeure or failure of the competition, no recourse claims are possible. He agrees to comply with the Highway Code. A normal state of health and fitness (medical confirmation is available to the participant) and additional insurance is required.
The event is based on the competition regulations of the German Triathlon Union (sports regulations, elite regulations, organizers and organizers regulations, federal league regulations, anti-doping code, referee regulations) as well as the legal and procedural regulations and the disciplinary regulations. By registering, the participant accepts the competition requirements and the legal and procedural regulations as binding.
I assure you that I will not take any doping products (see also information from NADA at
Athletes who are convicted before, during or after the CST of the doping will receive a lifelong ban on the planned and executed competitions of the changing scene Sven Hindl GmbH.

Wechselszene Sven Hindl GmbH
Sven Hindl
Mühlhausen 3 1/2
D-92280 Kastl
Phone: +49 (0) 173/82 99 577



Chieming in Bavaria is located about 100 km south of Munich and about 40 km west of Salzburg.

By car you reach Chieming via autobahn A8 Munich-Salzburg. Exit at Grabenstätt. Then, at the roundabout, turn northeast following directions to Grabenstätt and Chieming (about 10km).

By train, Chieming can be reached well from Munich or Salzburg. Tace a local train to Traunstein main station and then a bus connection to Chieming (about 10km).
Click here to get to the online bus and train timetable.

As of the end of May, the “Chiemseering Linie” as a public local transport bus line is circling the Chiemsee on a direct route. It offers many opportunities for combined walking and cycling tours and runs from late May to mid-October seven days a week.

Current timetable information of the Chiemseering line can be found at or by calling +49 (0) 861/70 8 63 – 0 (RVO Traunstein)