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a Happy New Year and a successful race season 2020.
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What do triathletes do during their after season? Right, they like to party. In Germany the event for a proper party traditionally is the Sailfish Night of the Year. Which also hosts the “Triathlon Awards”.

In addition to the triathletes of the year, triathlon Germany is searching for the runner up of the year, the best sprint and short distance race, the best equipment and of course the favorite races over the half and long distance. It goes without saying that we, too, want to be part of that vote with the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon.

Therefore: Give your voice to the beautiful race at the Bavarian Sea, with scenic routes, phenomenal volunteers and the coolest finisher hoody.

Give your voice to the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon!

The vote will take place today at

Chieming. The ninth edition of the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon is about to get on its way. Online registration starts on October 15 2019. This year, the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon was the magnet for around 1,300 athletes from all over Germany and increasingly for athletes from all over the world. The organizers want to continue that way next year. “Of course, we are delighted that “DAS RENNEN” is gaining more and more international recognition by joining the Spirit Tri series,” says event organizer Sven Hindl.

Proven formats, small changes

Caroline Steffen
Caroline Steffen at the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon

The organizers are counting on the formats that were successful in the past year and will only make minor changes. On Saturday, June 27, 2020, the competition weekend will open at noon with the fast-paced Mixed Team Relay. In the afternoon the race schedule will continue with the Beginners Distance. “In the beginners format, we responded to athletes’ feedback and slightly shortened the distances. So everyone can dive into triathlon, without concern of not making it to the finish line,” says race director Christine Waitz. Over those 200 meters of swimming, 13kms of cycling and 2.5 kilometers of running, the Osenstätter company cup will again be awarded as part of the relay classification.

Bavarian police is looking for champions

Also championship races will be held. As in 2018, the Bavarian policewomen and policemen are looking for their champions over the short distance. A championship for people with disabilities is also planned. Organizer Sven Hindl emphasizes: “The paratriathlon and the deaf sports are important parts of the event for us, because it is good to show that the topics of sport and inclusion fit together perfectly.”

Registration starts on October 15th

Registration for the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon on 27th and 28th June 2020 will start on 15th of October. Athletes can not only look forward to an eventful triathlon weekend, but also to numerous national and international triathlon stars. On the middle distance, the highest prize money pot in Germany is likely to provide first-class competition.

Click here for registration.

Photos: Christoph Felix Schmidt

Even days after the 8th Eberl Chiemsee Triathlon, the sporting event still makes for happy faces. For example at the Austrian winning team of the mixed team relay. The “BSP Mitte #luckysgang” relay has picked up its price, a VW bus worth tens of thousands of euros, from Autohaus Osenstätter. “We were stunned to win such a prize!'”, Summarized coach Franz Lugstein the reactions in the ÖTrV junior performance center Salzburg, which he coaches.

Mixed Team Relay is the name of the modern triathlon format, which will be Olympic for the first time in 2020 and had its premiere at the Chiemgau Triathlon Festival in a modified form on June 29th. It is a team race in which each team member completes a full triathlon with swimming, cycling and running. At the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon, there are teams of three people – including at least one woman. The distances are short with 0.2km swimming, 6.5km cycling and 1.9km running so that anyone can do it.

With tri-world champion Daniel Unger or DTU CEO Matthias Zöll, a few prominent names were at the start. The race showed what the organizers had hoped for: pure action. The video now published on YouTube prooves that. The teams fought for every second, took a header from the Chieming jetty, jumped onto their bikes and swaped timing chips to the next team member as fast as possible.

When Katharina Loidl heard of the winning price for the first time, it was only a few seconds before the start. She says:

“That was a great motivation for the race!”

After 1:11:16, her team crossed the finish line first. Her team included Jakob Kaiser and the two-time Paralympics winner Günther Matzinger. The trio was just 23 seconds ahead of the “Sportfreund Team by Daniel Unger”. Parasportsman Günther Matzinger started the race in second place and led the team to victory in the end. The “BSP Mitte #luckysgang” was happy about the victory. Only to later realize what a winner prize they’d get for a year: a top-equipped VW bus worth about 35,000 euros. Especially the two up-and-coming talents Loidl and Kaiser will use the bus together with their training mates next year.

Ronny Steidl, Head of Marketing at Osenstätter Kraftfahrzeuge GmbH, wished the team a good trip and best of luck before their departure.
After the successful premiere, the Mixed Team Relay will also be part of the 9th EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon in June 2020.


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In a red-hot battle the Austrian Thomas Steger won the 8th Eberl Chiemsee Triathlon on Sunday in front of the triple European Champion Michael Raelert. The Swiss Caroline Steffen was fastest woman over the 2 kilometers swimming, 80 kilometers cycling and 20 kilometers running. On the shorter Olympic distance (1.5 / 40/10 km) Marc Eggeling was able to conquer the podium again, in the womens field the Australian Kelly-Ann Perkins was unbeatable. The day before, the Sprint Distance and the new Mixed Team Relay were held. In total, 1.247 athletes finished over the different distances at the Triathlon Festival in Chieming.

The eighth edition of the Eberl Chiemsee Triathlon, was a red-hot battle: barely any clouds, no wind, temperatures just under 40 degrees. Experienced triathletes even spoke of the “Kona” of Bavaria.

In the early morning, athletes plunged into the waters of the Bavarian Sea. This time without a wetsuit – because with over 24 degrees the lake was too warm. As expected, the highly favored Michael Raelert took the lead in the Half Distance. He even left the top swimmer Christof Wandratsch behind. On the bike, the Half Distance expert showed his class and largely dominated the field. Horst Reichel, Julian Erhardt and Steger had opened the hunt for him. On the running course then, Steger gained ground with every kilometer, until he had caught up to Raelert on the last two of the four 5-kilometer laps. Steger secured his third victory at Chiemsee with 3:39:58. Raelert finished second infront of local Julian Erhardt.

Caroline Steffen triumphant

Caroline Steffen
Caroline Steffen

In the womens race, Caroline Steffen did not come out of the water first. But on the bike and on the running course she played out her experience and skills. With a time of 4:07:57 she brought the victory home. “The bike course is stunning,” said the six-time Ironman winner and two-time Ironman Vice World Champion “The Race”. After her the surprise of the day crossed the finish line: Laura Zimmermann has fought from fifth to second place. “I gave everything today,” she said, praising the residents and volunteers. “The residents have almost saved my life, thanks for all the water hoses out there.” Many Chiemgau residents let it “rain” for the athletes. Third was Chantal Cummings.

On the Olympic Distance Marc Eggeling repeated his victory from the previous year. “In a race like the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon, knowing the course is incredibly important.” The experience of four participations in Chieming earned him the second title – ahead of Nikolaus Wihlidal and Maximilian Kirmeier, who won the Volksdistanz the day before (0 , 5/20/5 km). For the women, the victory went down-under: Kelly-Ann Perkins roared over the course and came in far ahead of last year’s winner Caroline Lehrieder and Pauline Neidel. “I had a great time out on the great course,” said Australian Perkins in the final interview.

The EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon 2019 had a record participation and numerous international athletes. We, the organizing team, say “Thank you!” on behalf of everyone involved. It was great having you here. We hope you will be back next year. Now, we’d like to provide you with everything you need after the race – great memories, but also a feedback option.

Results & certificates



(c) Ingo Kutsche

Chieming. Just a few days before the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon, another top star announced his start: Three-time European Champion Michael Raelert will make the race for the crown even more exciting. The professional field on June 29 (Saturday) and June 30 (Sunday) will be as big and strong as never before. 1500 athletes of all performance classes are expected at the weekend in Chieming. In addition to the popular Olympic and half distance, a new race mode will attract athletes this year: the mixed-team relay.

After 2017, Raelert again wants to be at the top

In 2017, the 38-year-old Raelert had won the race with a sovereign performance. Then he’d described the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon as “sensational” and “prestige race”. Now he wants to repeat his success – and will face well-known competitors such as Markus Fachbach, Julian Erhardt or Horst Reichel.

Also the women’s start list contains well-known names: With the Swiss Caroline Steffen a six-time Ironman winner and two-time Ironman Vice World Champion comes to the Chiemgau region. She challenges Camilla Pedersen from Denmark and the Frenchwoman Jeanne Collonge for victory. Pedersen has several World and European Champion titles in her CV. Collonge is winner of prestigious races such as the Triathlon Alpe d’Huez, the Embrunman or the triathlon Gerardmer. Almost a dozen other professional women are on the list – including Jenny Schulz and Lisa-Maria Dornauer.

Caroline Steffen; Foto:
Caroline Steffen; Foto:

Celebrities on Short Distance and in Mixed Team Relay

Familiar names can also be found in the start list of other distances. Biathlon star Vanessa Hinz from Schliersee will race her second short distance (1.5 / 40/10 km) on Sunday after her debut last year. Moritzburg and Wolfgangsee Challenge winner Maxi Kirmeier wants to win on the short distance just as the multiple Czech champion Thomas Bednar. The Sprint distance (0.5 / 20/5 km) will attract hundreds of beginners and ambitious athletes.

How does a Mixed Team Relay work?

New on Saturday is the so-called “Mixed Team Relay”, which will even be Olympic in 2020. The format is a team race in which each team member completes a complete triathlon with swimming, cycling and running in one piece. At the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon a team consists of three athletes with at least one woman. The distances are 0.2km swimming, 6.5km cycling and 1.9km running. In the field you’ll find celebs such as the first German Hawaii winner and triathlon legend Thomas Hellriegel, world champion Daniel Unger or Olympian Christian Prochnow.

All around the athletic competitions there will be a triathlon expo at the finish line area and a “Meet the Pros” on Saturday evening in the marquee.

Traffic restrictions in the region

Due to the necessary full closure of the bike route, there may be traffic restrictions in the area on Saturday afternoon and Sunday. “We ask all residents, tourists, participants and spectators for cooperation and are grateful for the support we have experienced in recent years to strengthen the region with this sporting highlight,” says race director Tom Mayerhöfer.

Pictures: @, Ingo Kutsche

From 27th to 30th of June, there’ll be one main topic in Chieming: Sports. Corporate run, school run and triathlon will attract sports enthusiasts and those who might get one, to the shores of the Chiemsee.
Those who take a closer look at the schedule of the Triathlon Festival will notice, that infact, it is not just about sports. The EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon is an event for the whole region. The numerous long-term partnerships between regional companies and events proove that, but also two new attractions this year. The Siegsdorfer Mammut – the rebuilt of a real mammoth – will be on race site. Fittingly, the Viking ship Freya will also anchor in front of Chieming.

Organizer Sven Hindl was enthusiastic: “The Freya being at our event in Chieming, is a dream came true.” The Viking ship which was built for the film “Wickie on a long journey” will serve a very special purpose. Actually, it has a famous role model: The legendary Ironman Hawaii has had a “coffee boat” in Kona Bay for many years. Athletes can take a short break during their swim training in the days before the race and enjoy an espresso. On the Chiemsee there will be Weißbier handed from the boat instead of coffee, of course. “It will be non-alcoholic beer,” laughs Hindl, giving a regional brewery the chance to present itself.

The “Weißbier-Boot” will invite athletes for a stopp during their swim on Saturday between 9.00 and 11.30 in the bay of Chieming.

The Freya is one of the attractions of the region, which offers locals and guests a special variety – whether for after work or corporate events. The Siegsdorfer Mammut also promotes an extraordinary project: the Siegsdorf Natural History and Mammoth Museum. The trailer with the life-size mammoth replica will be at the finish line area for photos and selfies from 27th to 30th of June. “Vikings and mammoths do fit together, don’t they” laughs Sven Hindl.

(c) Ingo Kutsche

The water temperature of the Chiemsee was

21 ° C. on Friday, June 21, 2019

You can find the daily water temperature and the weather at any time in the live image at this link.

At the moment we can not say if it will a wetsuit or a non-wetsuit swim.

Will I be allowed to wear a wetsuit?

Whether a wetsuit will be allowed during the swim or not, will be decided by the race marhalls after measuring the water temperature on competition weekend. You will be told the result at the Bernbacher pasta party on Saturday evening, or at the latest on Sunday morning on our information boards and by our speakers.

For those who do not know the DTU sports regulations, we’ll provide you an overview of the use of wetsuits from page 17 of the 2019 Sports Regulations.

  • under 1500m length of the swim course (Age group)
    • YES you have to wear a wetsuit 14 – 15.9 °C
    • YES you may wear a wetsuit 16 – 21.9 °C
    • NO >= 22°C
  • till 1500m length of the swim course (Age group)
    • YES you have to wear a wetsuit 14 – 15.9 °C
    • YES you may wear a wetsuit 16 – 21.9 °C
    • NO >= 22°C
  • over 1500m length of the swim course (Age group)
    • YES you have to wear a wetsuit 14 – 15.9 °C
    • YES you may wear a wetsuit 16 – 24.6 °C
    • NO >24.6°C

Foto: Ingo Kutsche

“Since I’ve started racing triathlons, the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon has always had a place in my calendar and my heart,” wrote Leopold Grimm in his application for the “CST rookie speaker”. In the end, he got the job out of multiple applicants. For him, it means two days of cheering and talking on the bike course. On the 29th and 30th of June he will be the speaker on the balcony of the ice cream parlor Chieming – the spot where the most bike-action happens. We talked to him.

Hello Leopold,
What made you decide to join our team as a speaker?

A Facebook post. I watched the video and at first scrolled right on. In the evening, I started to considder to apply for the job. I sent out my application the next day.

What fascinates you about the job as a speaker and why do you think you are the perfect cast for the post at the bike course?

The versatility of a good speaker fascinates me: He’s informative, humorous, emotional. Additionally it’s the interaction with the audience that’s special at a triathlon. I hope I succeed and carry the audience!
I’ve been told the presenters spot at the bike course is the spot for the best ice cream in the whole Chiemgau region. So I guess securing a place at the source is a good choice (laughs). I’m the perfect cast because I like to talk. Now, someone who talks a lot does not necessarily have many listeners! Apparently my friends like what I tell. In fact, I often take fewer stories to tell. Then I get told, “Leo, please tell a story”.

Leopold Grimm
Leopold Grimm racing.

Which moment are you especially looking forward to?

Definitely toward experiencing the swim start. I get goosebumps all over, even thinking about it! And getting handed over the microphone – I really hope you do not want to take it away from me at some point…

How do you prepare for the job as a speaker?

Currently I am preparing for my Master exams. I will probably put aside the literature and inform myself about the Pros and sponsors at the race. Presumably, I will practice with a banana in my hand, running through the apartment and announcing world class athletes.

In 2015 you raced your first triathlon in Chieming. Since then you’ve been racing here every year and in 2017 you even finished seventh on the olympic distance. How does somebody living 250km away, find his way to the Chiemsee and what do you particularly like about the race?

I started doing triathlon with a friend – it actually was a spontaneous idea. We both prefer the mountains to the sea. It quickly became clear that a race near the Alps would be great. So our research lead us to the EBERL Chiemsee Triathlon. The Alpine panorama, the cows, the great location, the restaurant near the lake – we were just stunned. We almost forgot the upcoming competition. On the way home, we decided that the race should be our race in later years, too. The location and the bike course are great for a triathlon. Despite the competition, it feels like a weekend of recovery.

We’re looking forward to having you in our team!